Aid Workers’ sex scandal in Africa: Report reveals role of famous night club Paddy's Bar, now Qu

Mirror, in the UK, has reported that a study of more than 1,500 people revealed a lack of senior and international staff in camps allowed junior agency staff to “behave with impunity”.

It said aid workers were the “most frequent sex exploiters of children, often using the very humanitarian aid and services intended to benefit the refugee population as a tool of exploitation”.

Agency drivers exchanged sex for lifts, while girls were given jobs and a salary in exchange for sexual favours, it was said.

One police officer said Paddys bar in Freetown, Sierra Leone, was used by aid workers to solicit local women for sex – while in another community peacekeepers reportedly rented a room and used it for “sex with teenagers”.

The report went on: “Peacekeepers are alleged to have sexually exploited children in exchange for money and food”.

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