Sierra Leone’s ruling APC sacks 'ambitious' pair

Cracks have already emerged in Sierra Leone’s governing All People’s Congress (APC) party over the ticket for the presidency in the 2018 elections.

APC's powerful National Advisory Council (NAC) on Thursday announced the sacking of two presidential aspirants from key executive positions after they declared their intention to contest the presidency.

Meanwhile, in the diamond rich town of Kono, east of the country tensions mounted after violence among youths of the party claimed the life of a prominent party activist. Sahr Gbakama, a former combatant turned political activist, is known for having committed a lot of atrocities during the war.

Local authorities have taken up the matter of his death by stabbing with the police, but some of his family members have threatened to go after one Abdulai Kabia, whom they have accused of being behind his attack.

They claimed that the said Abdulai, who is now in hiding, had threatened to come after the deceased, Sahr Gbakama, for killing his mother and badly hurting his father during the war, had openly promised to avenge his mother's death many years after the rebel war. They believe his a primary suspect as far as they are concerned.

"We will not rest until we find Abdulai Kabia for killing our brother," Komba Gbakama, his brother told a local radio station in Koidu Town.

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